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Hello everyone,

My name is Gianni, I am English but of Italian background. Every year I go to Italy with my family and during one of my visits I found out about the Befana. I had never heard of the Befana before and I liked it so much that I decided to create a website. As I do IT as a job, I decided to use my skills to create a website about the Befana. By doing this I could spread this fantastic Italian tradition.

This website is for children, adults or anyone who wants to know about the Befana. You can find out about the story, history and tradition of the Befana. Kids can even send letters to the Befana.

A section of this website is dedicated to 'Festa della Befana' (Befana Festival), which is organised by ACLI (Association of Catholic Labourers in Italy) situated in Sant’Andrea in Villis. This is a small village in the countryside of Fano in Marche, Italy. ACLI has organised this festival every 6th January since 1988 in support of a charity.

On this website you will also find a section dedicated to the story, tradition and origin of the Befana.

Enjoy the website. If you have any ideas do not hesitate to contact MyBefana.