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Dear children,

We are sure that the visitors of our website are all good boys and girls and if they have done something naughty or they didn’t listen to their parents or teachers, they have already apologised. So, don’t forget to put your stocking by your chimney, at the door or at a window on the Epiphany day, like you probably do on Christmas day. The Befana will surely come to you and fill your stocking with sweets and chocolate, but also remember that you need to behave if you want this to happen as Befana will also leave coal if you don't behave! We don’t want that to happen, do we? Leave the coal in the chimney, it's better!

Did you know? Italian children also get little presents on the Epiphany day rather than just on Christmas and they don’t go to school before the 6th of January. However they start their Christmas holidays later than you. On the night of the 5th of January, Italian children put a stocking by the chimney (if they have got one) or by a window or a door before to go to bed and they look forward to the morning when they run to their stocking.